Left Eye Dominant Putting Tips

Left Eye Dominant Putting Tips

Eye Dominance And Why Its Importance In Golf

Your dominant eye is your most important asset when it comes to playing golf. Without good aim, you’ll make it harder to get that ball in the hole!

Most people are right handed and have a dominant right eye. This means that they naturally aim better with their right eye. However, there are some right-handed golfers who have a dominant left eye. Apparently only 3% of people are right-handed but left eye dominant.

There are a few ways to figure out which is your dominant eye. One way is to hold your hand up at arm’s length and make a small circle with your thumb and first finger. Then, focus on an object in the distance and slowly bring your hand towards your face without taking your eyes off the object. The eye that you see the object through first is your dominant eye.

Another way to determine your dominant eye is by using the push-up method. Start by standing up straight and holding both hands out in front of you at shoulder level, with your palms facing each other. Push your hands together until they touch, then hold them there for 30 seconds while keeping your eyes open. After 30 seconds, let go of one hand and quickly raise it to your forehead so that you’re looking through the space between your thumb and first finger at an object in the distance. The eye that remains focused on the object is your dominant eye.

Once you know which is your dominant eye, you can start working on improving your aim.

What Does It Mean To Be Lead Eye Dominant?

Being lead eye dominant means that your left eye (for right-handed golfers) or your right eye (for left-handed golfers) is your dominant eye. This means that you will aim best an see the line with your lead eye.

Putting Tips For Players With Lead Eye Dominance

The majority of golfers are right-handed and right-eye dominant but there are some, like me, that are right-handed and left-eye dominant or left-handed and right-eye dominant. This means the eye nearer the target is the dominant eye.

Reading The Green

Being able to read greens well will undoubtedly help lower your scores.

Once you know your dominant eye you might want to double check your read by closing your other eye to make sure it looks right.

Ball Position

The consensus when putting is at address the ball should be below the dominant eye. You can check this by standing in your setup position and dropping a ball from in front of your eye. It should land where you should position the ball. Many people like to have their head slightly inside the line of the ball but it will still show you where the ball should go relative to your feet.

If you are lead eye dominant then that means the ball will be further forward in your stance

Selecting Your Aiming Point

When picking a target to line up with you should use your dominant eye. Stand behine the ball and close your non-dominant eye and then pick out a mark or discoloration on your intended line a few feet in front of the ball.

Use this to line up with once you get into your stance.

Aiming Problems

If you are lead eye dominant then you will have a tendency to aim too far left (right-hander) or too far right (left-hander). Try to keep an eye on how often you miss to one side. This might be part of the problem rather than face control.

Putter Type

Lead eye dominant golfers will probably find that an offset putter suits them best. Non-lead eye dominant players will probably feel more comfortable with non-offset putters.

Dominant eye in putting

Left Eye Dominant Putting Tips: Summary

Once you know which eye is dominant you can alter your stance to suit which eye will see the line better. You can even look at changing the style of putter you use.

Here are some putting stats to help your perspective on your own performance.

Here are some ways to improve your distance control and some tips for putting on quick greens.

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